Vendor Spotlight - Accurate Background


Karen Moore, Director of Marketing Programs, Accurate Background

What do you do at your organization?
I lead efforts to connect customer needs with the products, services, content, and education that can help solve for those needs.

How or from whom did you first hear about NAHCR?
While attending ASHHRA in 2016 I had the opportunity to speak with a group of healthcare recruiters. When I asked them which sources they relied on to stay current in the industry, they enthusiastically listed “NAHCR”!

How long have you (or your organization) been a NAHCR Vendor Member?
I have been a Vendor Member for 3 years, first with a previous employer and now with Accurate.

Why did you choose an industry that serves healthcare?
My entire career has been dedicated to supporting healthcare organizations. I spent 20+ years in medical devices and infection prevention before transitioning to services that help ensure healthcare organizations can effectively and efficiently hire the best talent.

Tell us about a touching or fun or memorable story about your experiences at NAHCR conferences.
I had the opportunity to be a speaker at the 2019 NAHCR Conference. I have spoken at events all over the world, and I must say that the professionalism and enthusiasm of the NAHCR members was among the best I have experienced.

What do you like most about your organization?
Many companies say it, but I feel my organization truly embraces the mantra that we exist to support our customers and their candidates.