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February 26, 2019

1 pm ET 


Recruiting and Placing Would-Be Whistleblowers: Bounty and Options for Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 

Presented by: Shauna Itri

On occasion, an individual will become aware that his or her employer (or a competitor) may have committed fraud and the individual either comply with the conduct for fear of losing his/her job and reports the fraud internally via a supervisor or compliance hotline. Sometimes, because the individual reports the fraud, the individual will be retaliated against by the employer and even terminated. In other instances, the individual will opt not to report the fraud or waste and will look for a new position with another employer. 

If these individuals seek the assistance of a health care recruiter to find a new position, the recruiter can educate or inform the individual that he/she can speak with a whistleblower attorney confidentially and free of charge to determine if they can bring a whistleblower case. By being educated about the whistleblower laws, a recruiter can bring value to his/her clients and organization.

Most notably, and to provide incentives to the whistleblowers, the whistleblower or qui tam action can provide financial and reputational rewards and protections to individuals for providing information that an employer has defrauded the government. The primary statutes under which this relief may be sought are the federal and state False Claims Acts (“FCAs”). The False Claims Act is often applied in the health care industry to fight fraud, waste, and abuse. Whistleblowers who report this fraud receive 15-25% of the amount recovered.



January 2019

Tactics for enhancing your branding on Glassdoor

Presented by:
Kip Welch

December 2018

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Job Content

Presented by: 
Nate Wigert

November 2018

Healthcare Trends: Data, Not Intuition

Presented by:
Cindy Songne & Judi Russell

October 2018

Trick or Treat? Text as a Recruiting Tool

Presented by:
Debra Horowitz, Carlos Fernandez, and Kelly Lavin


September 2018

The Marriage of High Touch & High Tech in Health Care Recruiting

Presented by: 
Theresa Mazzaro & Chris Young

August 2018

Identifying and Mitigating the Risks of Hiring in Health Care

Presented by:
Mary O'Laughlin

July 2018

Dispelling the Myths of Talent Management Strategies: Talent Strategy 3.0

Presented by:
Magi Graziano

June 2018

NPs are the Future of Medicine

Presented by:
David Wolfe

May 2018

Hiring in Healthcare: Indeed's Diagnosis of Industry Trends Shaping Recruitment

Presented by:
Caroline Ferrarone

March 2018 

March Madness: Crazy Good New Tools You Should Consider
Exploring the rise in results with Geo-fencing, programmatic, text recruiting and more

Presented by:
Whitney Norris & Debra Horowitz

February 2018

Ready, Set, Engage! Strategies to Activate our Passive Candidate Pipeline 

Presented by:
Alicia Moran

January 2018

"The Possibilities and Limitations of International Recruitment"

Presented by:
Ron Hoppe

December 2017
"The Consultative Recruiter"
Presented by:
Katherine Moody, author


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The NAHCR Education Team is taking submissions for the 2018 webinar schedule. Only original presentations are considered. Presentations should be:

  • New, fresh, timely and relevant

  • Thorough and easy to understand

  • Factual, not opinion based

  • Strictly educational and informative in nature (not promotional or self-serving to any given organization)

  • Unbiased, objective and nonpartisan; well balanced, addressing all points of view.

Whenever possible, include case studies, examples, applications and recommended resources. Illustrations and images, including graphs, charts, and photographs, are also encouraged.

Some examples of great presentation topics:

  • Application Systems
  • Working with Unions
  • LinkedIn/ Indeed for Sourcing Tips
  • ATS Checklist
  • CRM Research and Information
  • Affirmative Action Updates
  • Industry of RPO 
  • Evidence-Based Recruiting
  • Indeed and Sourcing
  • Google Jobs Updates

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