Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study


National Association of Healthcare Recruiters (NAHCR) and Lean Human Capital (LHC) are excited to announce a formal strategic partnership. Through this partnership, NAHCR and LHC will have the ability to offer their unique education and service offerings to their respective member communities.

After reviewing all of the possible options and partners in the marketplace, the NAHCR Board of Directors agreed that LHC's Benchmark study is the most appropriate and applicable study that hones in on the metrics that are most important to health care recruiters.

The study focuses on:

  • Cost – LHC provides insight on how to quantify the productivity and cost effectiveness of your recruitment efforts
  • Staffing Process Efficiency – measures the efficiency of how applicants flow through the hiring process versus the quantity received
  • Responsiveness – review not only time-to-fill but how long positions are open and filled in all areas

Visit LHC's website for more information on this study or how to participate.