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Health care is constantly changing, which creates unique challenges for health care recruiters. For those seeking to advance their knowledge, grow their professional networks and demonstrate their specific expertise, NAHCR provides a welcoming community. Membership is an investment in YOUR professional development, something that benefits you throughout your career.

Through NAHCR membership, health care recruiters at all stages of their careers find a diverse, engaged community. The opportunities to learn, share and grow are endless. For those seeking to become visible thought leaders who drive meaningful discussion about the profession, NAHCR offers speaking engagements by way of webinars and presentations at its annual conference, networking opportunities and more.

Additionally, NAHCR’s Certified Health Care Recruiter (CHCR) credential validates that you have the knowledge needed to excel in your role and advance your organization. From budgetary constraints and limited resources to shortages of experienced health care workers and ever-changing reimbursement policies, with CHCR attached to your name, your commitment to excellence is visible.

NAHCR delivers the specialized and unique content you need to keep up with the changes in health care and remain a leader in your field. With members nationwide, you can connect with others who face the same local challenges or engage in regional discussion.

If you are an organization with 5+ recruiters, we encourage you to explore our Group Membership, which provides you with additional savings. 




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Membership Benefits

Investment in NAHCR pays off in more efficient practices, proven recruitment strategies, new insights and ideas. Join today to

  • Stay current with health care trends
  • Gain access to free educational webinars on health care, marketing and recruitment topics (Up to $750 value!)
  • Get advice from a community of health care recruiters with deep expertise via the NAHCR members-only listserv
  • Stay informed about current opportunities and challenges impacting health care recruitment with NAHCR News, a biweekly news digest
  • Grow professionally and personally by serving in volunteer leadership positions

Other benefits include:

  • Discounted registration fees to NAHCR’s annual conference (Save $145!)
    • Build rapport with colleagues with face-to-face networking and peer learning experiences
    • Attend sessions on cutting-edge recruitment practices that help you grow into an invaluable strategic partner at your organization
    • Hear top-level speakers that engage you in a comprehensive educational program
    • Meet industry partners who offer solutions to everyday business challenges
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and competence in the specialized field of health care recruitment with the Certified Health Care Recruiter (CHCR) credential (Save $145!)


Active Members are those individuals who are actively involved in health care recruitment, retention or human resources. 

Federal Members are those individuals who are recruiters or human resource professionals in any organization owned and operated by the Federal Government, such as a VA Hospital.

Dues are $150 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and entitle you to all the benefits and programs NAHCR offers. In addition, Active and Federal members may vote and are eligible to serve on the NAHCR Board of Directors.  

Need help selling NAHCR membership to your employer? Our membership justification letter can help. 

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Vendor Members (NAHCR Business Partners)

Companies that distribute, supply, or sell products or services of interest to recruiters are eligible for membership in NAHCR as Business Partners. Dues are $1,100 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and entitle your company to a number of benefitsNAHCR Business Partners are ineligible to vote but may hold office and are represented on the Board of Directors. 

Staffing and placement agencies are also eligible for Business Partner membership.

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Associate Membership is open to former Active Members who no longer meet the criteria for Active Membership and other professionals in associated industries who do not meet the criteria for Active Membership. Associate Membership cannot be used as a substitute for any other class of membership. Associate members are ineligible to vote but may hold office in the association. Dues are $90 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). 

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Member Referral Rewards Program 

Share your commitment to NAHCR with your peers and earn valuable rewards. NAHCR members who refer new Active or Federal Members receive a $15 Amazon gift card. Eligible referrals include health care recruiting professionals who have never been members of NAHCR or whose memberships have been lapsed for more than one year.

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