In this digital-first world, the old ways of recruiting are becoming obsolete. Or are they? The talent demands on every business has put TA squarely in the hot seat. Welcome to Talent Acquisition In The Trenches, a real dialogue podcast with talent acquisition professionals closest to the front line. Matt Rimer, Director of Talent Acquisition for Trinity Health, talks to the TA pros actually doing the heavy lifting day in and day out. 

"Recruiting for Retention" With Ryan Maglione, SVP of Global Commercial Talent Acquisition, Syneos Health
Syneos Health is a global, publicly-traded $5b+ biopharmaceutical services and solutions company based in Morrisville, NC, with over 29,000 employees globally. Their TA team is powered by almost 400 professionals filling 10,000+ requisitions in 2022. Powered by NAHCR!

"What Is Your 75% Advantage" With Christian Ray, Managing Partner, Lean Human Capital
Christian is a trusted TA advisor to many, with over 16 years of experience in talent analytics, recruitment operations, and leadershipPowered by NAHCR!

"Do Better in Your Community" With Angela Ramos, Branding & Engagement Specialist, Harris Health System
The TA team at Harris Health System has over 900 open requisitions at any given point and is responsible for various roles - including recruiting for the county’s correctional services. Learn how Angela leverages her organization's digital presence to facilitate recruitment efforts. Powered by NAHCR!

"Try It, Break It, and If It Doesn't Work, Try Something Else" With Colin Lyle, System Director of Talent Acquisition, Advent Health
Advent Health is one of the largest non-profit health systems in the nation. It operates 50 hospitals in nine states, with over 8,200 licensed beds. Colin Lyle leads a team consisting of 260 TA professionals, filling over 30,000 positions in 2022—and running an average weekly open requisition load of over 11,000. Powered by NAHCR!

"Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse" With Theresa Mazzaro, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Johns Hopkins HealthCare and NAHCR President
Theresa Mazzaro has had an amazing journey as a RN, and as a health care TA professional. Learning best practices from leaders in the industry, networking with peers, and always thinking out of the box have helped her succeed. Powered by NAHCR!

"Bagels, Breweries, and Building a TA Center of Excellence" With Rebecca Kapsalis, Associate VP of TA for the University of Vermont Medical Center
UVM's team of over 16,000 colleagues provides health care to more than 1 million people in Vermont and northern New York. The TA team consists of 46 TA professionals, filling 6,500 positions in 2021 - and running an average open requisition load of over 2,200. Rebecca is an "HR Geek" with a wide swath of professional experience, growing and leading a wide variety of businesses, launching a new TA COE at UVM, and innovating how they relocate talent to the "East." Powered by NAHCR!

"Developing Great Recruiters, Building New Talent Pipelines, and Cultivating Strong Relationships With our Clinical Partners" With Kurt Stillwagon, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Wellspan
Kurt is the Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Wellspan. Wellspan is situated in South Central Pennsylvania, serving a five-county region; with over 20,000 employees and 220 patient-care locations. The TA team consists of over 50 TA professionals, filling 6,500 positions in 2021 - and running an average open requisition load of over 2,000. Matt got to know Kurt from their time together at UPMC. He is data-driven, an excellent leader, and well-respected amongst his peers. Powered by NAHCR!

"Health Care Leadership, Executive Search, and Tech Enablement" With Josh Jackson, Founder/CEO of Mosaic Talent Partners
Josh found his niche in health care talent acquisition in 2015 when he started his career at Daversa Partners. There he learned the ins and outs of executive search. In late 2020, Josh transitioned to Oak HC/FT, where he was responsible for hiring talent and strategizing with board members and senior leadership while working on HR systems and processes to help companies scale their operations. Josh has a unique perspective on where health care is headed and deep domain expertise in executive search. Listen in to learn more. Powered by NAHCR!

"Recruit Like a Champion" With Bruce Mattos, Associate Vice President/Corporate Director, Talent Acquisition, Phoebe Putney Health System
As AVP/Corporate Director of Talent Acquisition for a four-hospital system in rural southwest Georgia, Bruce oversees a team of 12 recruiters, but his recruitment career started at age 18 while working with his dad, the head coach of the Sacramento State Hornets. He learned much from hanging around his father. The most important was that the greatest gift you can give people is to share the love and passion you have for the organization you representPowered by NAHCR!

"Start With the Why, Try New Stuff, Find What Works, Scale It" With Sean Peterson, Interim Director, Talent Strategies, BJC HealthCare
From starting his career as a Sourcing Specialist to recently being asked to take on the Interim Director of Talent Strategies position, Sean has progressed rapidly through the ranks at BJC. He is currently in charge of BJC's recruiting marketing and employer branding, as well as their University Relations, Events, and Candidate Experience teams - all of which drive innovation for BJC’s hiring. Hear what Sean has to say about the impact of health care recruitment and more. Powered by NAHCR!

"Transforming/Maximizing Your Employee Referral Program (ERP)"
Are you in the process of transforming your Employee Referral Program? Episode #5 of Talent Acquisition in the Trenches, powered by NAHCR, is a recording from a live webinar we recently did with Talk Talent. The first 30 minutes is the presentation, and the next 30 minutes are live Q&A from the audience. We hope you can take something valuable back to your trenches. Powered by NAHCR!

"Workforce Development, Apprenticeship Programs, and Finding Your Noble Purpose" With Shana Lewis, VP, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Development, Trinity Health
Shana's role at Trinity Health and in the national workforce development community has her focus daily on looking for the most innovative solutions to close our workforce gaps. In Episode #3 of the Talent Acquisition in the Trenches podcast, she dives deep into three key pillars of her strategy: apprenticeship programs, career navigation, and the wrap-around services for our colleagues. Powered by NAHCR!

"International Nurse Recruitment, Onboarding, and Building Community" With Brooke Conlee, Sr. TA Lead, Hospital Sisters Health Systems
Over the last 10 years, Brooke has focused on designing and implementing international nursing programs and is responsible for bringing hundreds of nurses to the United States. Join Brooke and Matt for exciting conversation and insight on the global recruitment market on Episode #2 of the Talent Acquisition in the Trenches podcast. Powered by NAHCR!

"Creating Connection, Delivering a National Hiring Event, and Getting Recruiter Capacity in Check" With Ryan Corbett, Enterprise Vice President of Talent Acquisition, ScionHealth
Ryan’s 18 years of TA experience leaves him knowing candidates want interaction. That is why his team prioritizes strategies like “Talk To Me Tuesdays” and “Walk In Wednesdays” and their 11th Annual National Hiring Event on August 4. Join Ryan and Matt for an almost 40-minute conversation on Episode #1 of the Talent Acquisition in the Trenches podcast, where they break down these strategies and much more. Powered by NAHCR!