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NAHCR offers free educational webinars to members throughout the year. Webinars are one hour in length, and attendees can earn valuable SHRM, HRCI & CHCR credits toward CHCR re-certification during live webinars!




Upcoming Webinars

  June 23, 2021

Building Relationships: One Conversation at a Time

Presented by Tracey Aust

Time, tight deadlines, scarce resource and competing priorities have all made building and sustaining solid relationships even more difficult than ever.  Add the new challenges of navigating a virtual workplace and mastering the art of “the conversation” has become vital to the success of engaging our teams, collaboration across teams, influencing stakeholders and exceeding customer expectations.  Whether managing small talk, conveying information, trying to motivate others or having a crucial conversation, communication is the lifeline to achieving our business results and getting things done.  This short, fun, reflective session will shed new light on some “common sense” practices essential in business.  Do not miss this opportunity for a brief refresher and a few new twists on building relationships – one conversation at a time.


  • Explain why "building relationships" is so important to achieving results in business
  • Describe the benefits of building relationships with teams, stakeholders and customers
  • Identify several techniques beneficial to building solid working relationships

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  July 14, 2021

 The Key to Workplace Happiness During a Pandemic

One thing we know is true – the pandemic has significantly altered how we work. People report they are working harder than they have ever before, and many say they are on the verge of burnout. On average, employees are working three hours more per day during Covid and they have a multitude of new stressors affecting team dynamics.

Barbara Morris-Blake of Elevate Organizations is conducting research to understand how leaders are coping during the pandemic, and she is exploring ways their organizations can support them. She has partnered with Survature, a new survey methodology developed by the University of Tennessee that uses behavior science to identify what people are really thinking. Please take her quick 3-minute survey now.


Barbara will present the survey results from our organization as well as findings from research with other organizations.

During this interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • How the typical workday has been altered by the pandemic.
  • Which employees are struggling most and what factors are to blame?
  • What leaders can do to support their teams during this difficult time.

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  Aug 25, 2021

Hiring our Heroes

Presented by Theresa Mazzaro

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Present a Webinar

The NAHCR Education Team is taking submissions for the upcoming webinar schedule. Only original presentations are considered. Presentations should be:

  • New, fresh, timely and relevant
  • Thorough and easy to understand
  • Factual and not opinion-based
  • Strictly educational and informative in nature (not promotional or self-serving to any given organization)
  • Unbiased, objective and nonpartisan; well-balanced, addressing all points of view
Whenever possible, include case studies, examples, applications and recommended resources. Illustrations and images, including graphs, charts, and photographs, are also encouraged.
Some examples of great presentation topics:
  • Application Systems
  • Working with Unions
  • LinkedIn/ Indeed for Sourcing Tips
  • ATS Checklist
  • CRM Research and Information
  • Affirmative Action Updates
  • Industry of RPO 
  • Evidence-Based Recruiting
  • Indeed and Sourcing
  • Google Jobs Updates

To provide educational opportunities for all members, the Education Committee is looking for presentations for entry, intermediate and advanced level recruiters. For more information on presenting a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters or submit your proposal here.


Sponsor a Webinar

Webinar sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis for $500 for NAHCR Vendor members and $1,500 for nonmembers. Companies may sponsor more than one webinar in the calendar year. Your sponsorship includes:

  •     Company logo, website and short company description included in all webinar invitations
  •     Recognition as the sponsor during the introduction of the webinar

For more information on sponsoring a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters.